Home Photo Sessions

July 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A few years ago I was asked by a friend to do a Photo session with her children in her home, while I had not ever done an in home session before, I was excited at the possibilities, and a little nervous... okay a lot nervous! I didn't know anything about the lighting situation, was there going to be enough space? how would I do without my backdrops

? was there going to be too many distractions (busy backgrounds) would the little ones cooperate or hide out in their bedrooms? and the list goes on...

It took a little while to get the oldest child (who was only 3) to stay in one spot, so that I could take his picture, instead of getting frustrated and worrying about time, I decided to put my camera back in the bag and ask him to show me around the house, and tell me about the pictures he drew that were on the fridge, and the photo's in all the frames, then I picked the camera back up and said now show me your room, and your toys. BAM! he was ready for me to take pictures, of him in his room with his toys, then he wanted me to see his Baby sister and her room and toys. Then it was outside to see how fast he could run, do a somersault,  play golf, and...

I have to say this is one of my favorite ways to photograph children, and what better memories to have then in the house they are growing up in and with their favorite toys, and/or pets at this precious time in their life.

I have only done a few home sessions since this one, but have lately been thinking, I'm going to encourage this type of session whenever I am asked to shoot children. So... Who's In?

Call or message me and I will come to you :) can you tell me of a  better nonstressful way to prepare your little ones for a photo session? 


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