Nobody knows how to (Tea) Party like my Mom...

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There are so many things that I absolutely LOVE about this Photo of my Mother and I taken in 1967, (I know, I know, You didn't realize I was that old right?) From the wall color and floral curtains (which I'm sure my talented Mother probably made) to the AWESOME vintage TV, to the very handsome photo of my Dad on top of said TV, to my Beautiful, Young and very Hip  Mother, and last but not least the "TEA PARTY" we are having at this moment in time.

Now, I think it is very safe to say that my Mother is by far THE best "Tea Partier" in the Universe! If you don't believe me you can ask both my daughters and all 4 of my nieces. (Girls please testify below with a comment) She has "Tea Partied" for hours with the all of us. Not only does she "Tea Party" well, but she comes with her very own China Tea set, and she has no problem letting a toddler drink from the finest cup and saucer of their choosing.  She makes little "Tea" sandwiches, and biscuits (that's cookies to you Americans)  and let us not forget the cream and sugar (which is probably 3/4 of what is in the cup) or apple juice which was what my oldest daughter preferred in her cup :)

To this day My Mother loves her morning and evening cup of TEA, and though I have graduated to my daily cup (or 3) of Coffee, I still enjoy the occasional "cuppa" with my Mom. 

Although I have Many fond memories of times and experiences shared with my her, I would have to say this is one of my favorites.


Now lets get to what you are here for...


All you have to do is send me (email) a favorite memory and a photo of your Mother, and why you think she is the BOMB.

I will choose my favorite, (If I find that they are all so good and I cannot choose, I will seek the help of my Tea Partying Mother :) 

The winning story will receive a Beautiful FREE 16x20 ($120 value) Canvas Portrait, from a Photo session that you will schedule with Laura Payne Photography, before April 30th. 

***Winner will Pay a small deposit of $45 in order to secure your spot on the Schedule.***

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