Surprise Proposal

May 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I was approached by a friend of mine who told me her son (Hunter) wanted to propose to his girlfriend (Lauren) of 7 years, and he wanted a photographer to capture it all. I was so excited to meet with him at the park where they had their first date and nail down our plan of action.

I was to be at the park 1/2 an hr. early with a Mother (Emily) and daughter (Alyssa) under the guise of photographing Alyssa. Since they knew this family, Hunter was going to ask Emily if she would take their photo (with his phone) which he had turned to video, so while she would pretend to take photo's, and I would be pretending to take photo's of Alyssa, he will get down on one knee, and I would turn towards the couple, to snap my shots!  HOW EXCITING!! I have always wanted to be a part of a surprise proposal. :) I am so giddy!

In order to get Lauren to the park he had the restaurant where they were going to eat dinner, tell them it would be a 45 Min. wait, so they decided to take a little walk to kill some time. and the "secret proposal project" was under way.

Images below are of the sweet Alyssa (who by the way knew nothing of this plan), And of the happy couple 

Congratulations Hunter and Lauren! and Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this Precious occasion.

Now, Tell the truth ... Aren't they the cutest couple EVER!!





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