Porter Union Promotional shoot

I have been saving these images for quite some time, because I wanted to give these two, time to decide which ones, if any that they might want to use for advertising their new CD, “Loved and Lost”. ( If you have not heard of Porter Union,  you should definitely check them out, they are on virtually every music streaming site you can think of, I will post a few at the end of this post for your convenience :) you can thank me later)

So, I was in Missouri last Dec. for their 9th Annual “Scheddy Ball Concert” (which is a Blast by the way you should also check that out this December if you get a chance).  It was a very cold, Icy, night, (as are most winter nights in Missouri) and we had just wrapped up shooting for the album cover, and decided to head out and find the perfect place to shoot some promotional images. There were not a lot of places open (due to the aforementioned ice), but we did find this great little pool hall, tucked in the middle of downtown Springfield, that was the perfect atmosphere we were looking for, These are just a few of my favorite Shots…

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