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A Little dose of my own medicine...

August 16, 2017  •  3 Comments

Can I just tell you How much I love my job!! I am a Professional Photographer, I specialize in Modern Glamour Portraiture.  What is "Modern Glamour Portraiture"? you ask, well let me just say... You NEED this is your life :) Trust me. Its a time to be pampered, get your hair and make up done by a professional hair and make up artist, put on a gorgeous gown, or better yet one of my fabulous hand made Tulle skirts, Who wouldn't love to be wrapped in tulle? it makes you feel like a Princess, Oh and I do have tiaras if you are really feeling the Royal vibe. lol

NOW, lets get back on topic... Every day I expect women to stand in front of me, all dolled up and really show me "what they got"! while I do have my share of young ladies who absolutely love the camera and lets be honest, the camera loves them. More often than not I am greeted with women of all ages who are not comfortable in their own skin, they say they have put on so much weight, They are so Tired, or They feel so old, and they inevitably ask... Can you fix this? can you make this go away? can you make me have thicker hair, you get the picture.

When I here this I cringe, I roll my eyes and say "You are Beautiful"! and its true! I honestly see Beauty in every woman who steps foot into my studio. Ladies God made you just the way you are! I have a verse on the back of my business cards that says "You are altogether Beautiful my love, There is no flaw in you" Song of Solomon 4:7  I had a little opposition by a few people telling me not to put that on my cards, because we all have flaws, But you know what, I believe we are all "FLAWLESS" in the eyes of our creator. He knows every hair on our head, He knows every laugh line on our face, He knows every thing about us that we might find very repulsive and still sees us as "FLAWLESS" 

I believe that Women in general are very intriguing, the shape of our lips, the way our fingers softly touch and caress, the pitch of our voices when we are excited, the emotions we can conjure up with just a look, the smile not just with out lips but in our eyes. Ladies You ARE Beautiful! each and every one in your own way.

SO, I decided if I want and expect others to be vulnerable, in front of my camera and look at their images and be Happy with the way they look in each and every one of them, then I needed to do the same and know how it feels to look at myself and love how I look. Now I have a few confessions to make #1 I hate having my photo taken ( hence the reason I am always behind the camera) #2 when ever I take a photo of myself, I automatically want to give it a little tuck here, make this arm look skinnier, make my face look thinner, my eyes look bigger... You get it... and most of the time I do these things... because I can :) But not today, today I took the photo, uploaded it, lightened it a bit, (because I need to calibrate my computer screen, which is for another blog :P) and softened the skin a little (this is something I do to all my images) EVERYBODY wants soft skin right? And LORD HAVE MERCY, you have no idea how hard it was to sit and look at that image of myself and not criticize every little thing, and then fix them all.

But you know what, I sat here, stared at it for the longest time and said..."Its me. This is me and this is what I look like, and I think for a 54 year old (that's right I told my age, gasp) Granny, I look Pretty Darn good :) I'm still working on the things that I don't like (that I can change, with diet and exercise) but for now, I'm gonna be happy with what I look like, after all... "Im FLAWLESS in my creators eyes"

So Here it is, the Image of me... Laura Payne ( AKA Granny LaLa)



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Absolutely beautiful❤
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Absolutely beautiful ❤️
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